Concrete Finishing Orlando

In the Orlando concrete finishing business since 1976,doing mainly small residential concrete sidewalks, driveways and patios. Two years later, the company expanded into the commercial end of concrete finishing and cementitious overlays in Orlando

"We started out doing patios and small pouring jobs in Orlando, then as the years went on we got into more decorative work,"  always keeping up with the fast-growing concrete finishing industry in Orlando.

We have been stamping concrete for the past 10 years, and just recently added overlays and staining to our ever-expanding concrete finishing Orlando portfolio.

Always trying to be on top of the concrete finishing industry in Orlando and up with what's new, decorative concrete, is just one of our specialties.

Doing exposed aggregate, borders and stamps, and now overlays and stains for the concrete finishing industry in Orlando.

In addition to selling epoxies and sealers, we specialize in commercial and residential floor systems, as well as concrete finishing driveways and patios with a light broom finish, bordered out with exposed aggregate.

The company currently offers a bevy of services: colored concrete finishing, demolition, concrete finishing driveways, interior floors, patios, pool decking, staining, stamping, overlays and saw cutting. But, always on the lookout for new techniques and applications, so the list is ever-growing.

One of our goals is to do every concrete finishing job in Orlando differently. Overlays vary from contractor to contractor. They're as individual as a fingerprint. Everyone uses a slightly different technique, and because stains are patinas, they also vary.

"Ultimately, we let everyone decide for themselves whether our work is right for them, and we never have a shortage of work."

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